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Food & Supplies: United Cooperative - pre-order wholesale foods: Harvest Moon Coop

Goats Milk, Goat Cheese (all flavors), Free-ranging/non-checmical Hen Eggs: Crystal Brook Farm

Services & Professions

Financial: Socially Responsible funds (that do well to make a profit) pax... citizens...

Send2Fax - I've been impressed with their low-cost, rich-feature internet-based fax services. No more ink cartridges; incoming faxes are emailed to you; send files/documents via web or email interfaces.

Community & Non-profits

Worcester Chamber Music Society - A new musical institution for Central Massachusetts, some of the top performers in New England. Refreshing interpretations and repertoire.

Environment/Earth/Ethical Awareness

Donations Clearing House - Taking gently used household goods (furniture, housewares) and providing "free shopping" in their warehouse for the homeless and needy in Central Massachusetts. Yearly Fundraising Concerts in December


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